Feb 21, 2017
Today has been a good day, maybe even a very good day. I went to sleep very late last night and thought I was entitled to stay in bed until 11 in the morning, but Molly woke me as usual at 9 am, wanting her morning belly rubs. After a few minutes of caressing her, I determined to arise and get dressed and have breakfast, but not exactly in that order, which would probably be even better for my state of mind, but anyway, it was easy because there was porridge already cooked and only needing reheating with milk and raisins and it was sunny and warm and easy to sit outside on the verandah and enjoy my breakfast, and while I was eating, I had the bright idea to call Vivian at the Nail Boutique and schedule a long-overdue pedicure and she said I could come in at noon but it was already 11:20 and I didn’t think I could make it in time so she said even until 12:20 would be okay so I finished my coffee and hung out my laundry and got dressed and combed my hair and even styled it with a bobbie pin which makes all the difference and put on some blush and brushed my teeth and off I went and showed up at 12:05 at the Nail Boutique in Naousa but she hadn’t even arrived yet. I walked over to Cafe Karino on the port and saw someone I know and sat at his table in the sun for 15 minutes until I returned to the Nail Boutique and Vivian had just arrived and was unloading her car. It’s always a pleasure, getting my nails or toes done at Vivian’s. People come in to say hello to her and she and I have pleasant conversation, and I feel happy with the color on my digits and nurtured, too, in a small but significant way. We were both at the tail ends of our colds, too and could commiserate with each other’s sad state for the last two weeks. Then I left and went back to Karino’s for lunch because I was hungry and it was already 2 in the afternoon and I saw a couple of people I know and we exchanged greetings and I met someone new through one of the people I already knew and I invited him to sit with me when I saw he was also stopping at the cafe. He ordered only a juice, but I had a sandwich and we made introductory small talk and the sky became heavy with thick dark-bellied clouds and I wondered if I would get my walk today–the forecast had been for clear skies all day and no rain, so as soon as I finished my sandwich, I left and came home and brought in the dry laundry and headed out for my walk with Molly and Cat. 

 We walked only across the street to Jane’s house and I went and sat on her porch to take photos to send her of the view from her porch so she could see if she was satisfied with the way her gardener had trimmed back the olive trees that obscured her view of the sea and Naxos. I thought one tree could stand to be trimmed back even further, but that’s for her to decide. After I sent the photos to her, I resumed my walk, but Cat chose not to accompany us this time. I had a pleasant 30 minute walk through the countryside to Orna’s house where I heard from the road her Greek music blasting from her house. She was happy to see me and continued cutting vegetables for the soup she was making while I rolled first a cigarette from her tobacco and then a joint from my stash. We got high together and somehow the subject of meeting men came up and then I showed her the profiles I’d written for myself quite a few years ago on Plenty of Fish and also OKCupid and she read them aloud and we laughed at the funny parts, like the part about Chico. 

 Somehow we got to talking also about writing a blog and she said she wanted to post her jewelry on a blog and write about her life and how she’s followed her dreams. She told me she wants to inspire Israeli women of her age to consider living for themselves instead of only for their families and children and grandchildren. And I thought, people tell me that my story and the stories I write about my life are inspirational and I thought, maybe I don’t need to be concerned about getting my writing published, but really just want to share my stories with a larger circle of people, and even posting that I have a blog on Facebook and asking my friends to share the blog would sufficiently broaden my readership. And that would be enough for me. And surely some people would read my blog and become followers and that would be great. Maybe even enough to satisfy my ambitions for readership. Orna really encouraged me — she’s a fan of my writing. I told her I wanted to commit to a weekly entry and asked her, if I set a date and time for weekly posting, would she inquire a few days before to encourage my progress? And she was happy to agree and I said I would do the same for her and offered to help her set up her blog but she wanted to try and figure it out by herself first. So okay. This is my next blog entry in Guide and Seek on WordPress and I will post a link on Facebook and tell my friends about it and commit to posting every Tuesday by 8 pm Greece time. There may be some weeks I’ll post a story I’ve written in the past and for sure, I’m going to use one of the weeks to post my OKCupid profile cause it’s a good piece of writing, especially for a dating site profile. 

 I also decided to talk with my friend at the retreat center down the road about my workshop, Spirituality and the 12 Steps, and see about getting it on their schedule. I got excited describing it to Orna and thought I’d really like to be teaching that stuff again, and maybe even coaching, too. So we’ll see. 

 If you’re reading this post, feel free to leave a comment. In fact, I would really appreciate it if any of my friends want to encourage me in this endeavor, please, please leave a comment and tell me to keep writing and posting. I need the moral support, and there’s nothing like a satisfied reader to inspire me to write more. 

 Much love to all of you, Hava. 


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