Olbrich Park beach. end of September
Olbrich Park beach. end of September
Madison Wi Capitol at night
Lake Monona, a few blocks from my condo
I’ve packed my large suitcase and most all of my carry-on case, and don’t have enough room unless I want to pack a second bag. Which I might do. It would give me the excuse to purchase much lighter-weight luggage, and, with the diminishing luggage allowances provided by the airlines, is an item of which I am sorely in need. Especially with this budget-priced Norwegian Airlines flight that allows only 20 kg which equals a mere 44 lbs, six pounds less than I’ve become accustomed to packing. I had to take out bags of dog treats, chia seeds, and bulk steel cut oats to reduce to the permissible weight. I still don’t have Molly’s dog food packed.

Reading May Sarton’s Journal of a Solitude inspires me to write a blog. I have the feeling that she was writing her Journal with every intention of publishing it, writing with a reader in mind. It reminds me of the way some bloggers write. And the way I like to write. I’d love to know whether or not she edited the Journal, either by simply cutting the entries she didn’t particularly want to share for any reason, including the quality of the writing, or whether she edited each day as she wrote and then that was that, at the end of the day, she’d move on to the next one, the next day, or skip days because she’s polishing the prior day or because she’s distracted with other stuff or traveling or tired or visitors have disrupted her routine. But I can’t imagine that she would reshape the whole thing, moving parts around or assigning different chronologies to events and entries. That would somehow turn it into “story” or fiction, even creative non-fiction, rather than journal or blog. No overarching scheme or theme. Except Solitude, and that’s the theme I want for my blog. Because that’s what I experienced last year, despite my classes and volunteer and social activities. Solitude. And I loved it.

I want to keep in touch with my many friends, especially, I will admit, with my encouraging and best readers, the friends and family who like the way I create–my artwork and rocks and word-smithery. This blog will be a prequel to an effort to get my creations out to a larger audience, but for now, the only audience I want is a friendly and encouraging one. “How can I demonstrate my support and friendliness?” you may be wondering. One way is to leave a comment. Comments about what resonates with you, moves you, delights, intrigues, surprises, mystifies or in any other way engages you with what you come across here on this blog are what I crave and would find friendly. Comments about what you’d like to read or see more of are encouraging. Telling me what you don’t like or what doesn’t work is not what I need or want at this stage. Thanks. Maybe later.

I have this idea that I might even post YouTube segments here and again, when I want to try out some comedy. That might be another way to stay connected.

There are so many people with whom I want to stay connected. I’ve been told by one of them that I have “a great capacity for friendship.” She’s a woman I trust and love and can always count on for insight. She’s a wise person, and has been ever since I’ve known her, well before she aged into her wisdom years. We follow each other on Facebook, so we’ve been able to stay connected that way, along with once or twice getting together in the summer when I return to Madison briefly, except for last year when she broke both of her ankles (you know who you are). That’s another thing. If you’re reading this, you’re someone I’ve invited to follow my blog, and you’re checking it out. And you’re my friend. You may feature in an anecdote or conversation I write about. If that’s the case, how do you want me to refer to you? By name? Initials? Or as a random letter of the alphabet?  I don’t want to out you and will be discreet but I noticed that May Sarton refers to her friends, acquaintances, lovers, neighbors in a variety of ways. Sometimes  by full name, sometimes only the first name, or initials or a random letter of the alphabet. I would like to have your permission and direction. Feel free to send me a private message, or, if you don’t mind being named in this blog, comment publicly (with friendliness and encouragement, of course).

Much love to everyone. This blog is being composed today on September 20, a few days before leaving for NYC and then Greece. The challenging part will be to set up the blog. The tech stuff. Maybe one of you will be able to ease me through it with a few tips. But more challenging is to overcome my fear of exposing myself. That’s the hardest part of publishing the blog. Am I too self-absorbed? Narcissistic? Uninteresting? That’s my fear. And that’s why it may take a while for me to post these pieces I’m writing. But somehow, I know that doing so is a critical step for me as an author, not just a writer. BTW, if you’d like to read my first and, as yet, only, piece of fiction published, here’s the link to “The Corruption of Mrs. Eisner.”  


Thanks for staying with me! Hava


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