why should you read this blog?

About a year ago, when I began this particular journey, I thought I’d start a blog. It   would be insightful, educational, inspiring, and humorous– laugh-out-loud funny.  Friendly, helpful essays about life as perceived through the lens of my personal experiences and reflections. In addition, I thought I might throw in fascinating tidbits gleaned from the context of a somewhat anti-Semitic American Jew newly arrived in Israel for a two year sabbatical. I knew there was an inner author crouching  within me, and this was her golden opportunity to spring forth, full-blown and unexpurgated.

A reasonable expectation, don’t you think?

More than a year has dripped through the hourglass and only now, (today, because I am going to post this today, I swear to G!d and today’s date is Oct. 11, 2009) am I composing the first entry.  If you’re reading these words,  and you are, I have successfully overcome one of my deeply rooted fears of exposing my shameful imperfections. That can only happen because I know that no one, not even you, will end up reading my blog because the web is crowded with better, easily accessible blogs and other much more interesting material and people like you and me will never even stumble upon my pompous, self-serving essays, so it’s highly unlikely that anyone will ever be exposed to my exposed parts. At least, not here, on my blog. Not unless I at least let others know that it exists. 

Of course, an author is only an author when people read what he writes . Otherwise, she’s just a writer. And the button at the bottom of this box in which I’m composing my first post doesn’t say publish for no reason. So really, I’m truly glad that you’re still with me, and I hope you tell everyone you know that I kick ass and send them my link and eventually, like, maybe January, or at the latest, March of 2010 I’ll have quite a cult following and it won’t be long until I’m rich famous and have a boyfriend who enjoys my company.

I know, I know; that’s a lot for me to expect from you, but I have every confidence in your ability to reach my goals. So, to answer the question posed by the heading on this post, that’s why you should read this blog.


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